Group Disability Insurance

Excel Benefits helps employer’s provide both short-term and long-term disability. Disability income insurance is available to continue a portion of earnings while an insured is disabled.  Statistically, someone who is 25 years old today is much more more likely to become disabled for at least 90 days by the time they reach age 65 than they are to die by age 65. Yet, they are more likely to purchase life insurance than they are disability income insurance.

Group disability insurance is an affordable and reliable way to provide your employees with the financial security and assurance they need if they were to ever be unable to work. Group disability insurance plans are advantageous when compared to individual disability policies in that they are generally more affordable (premiums are often tax-deductible and lower to begin with) and more convenient for employees while still providing adequate coverage.

Stand out from the competition and look more appealing to qualified applicants by offering your staff disability coverage. Our agents at Excel Benefits will work to provide a disability policy tailored for employees.